The south actress ready to make a debut in Bollywood, will be seen with Ajay Devgan

Mumbai. South Indian actress “Kirti Suresh” will be launching Ajay Devgan’s upcoming Hindi film. The film’s director is Amit Sharma. Ajay is in the role of Syed Abdul Rahim, who has been the coach of the Indian football team while Kirti is in the role of his wife.

Kirti said in a statement, “I am feeling happy and honored to be part of such a great story. This film is a forgotten chapter in Indian history and I am happy that the producers have chosen to tell this story. This one such

Actress said that working with a very talented actor like “Ajay Devgan” is a great honor for him. “Rahim’s biopic” shooting starts in June The film is being produced by Akash Chawla and Arunav Joy Sengupta with Bonnie Kapoor.

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