Mobile Based Online Exam App to Improve Education Technology

Hello Everyone, today, we discuss tablet/mobile based online exam application. Using this exam app improve our examination system. The app also available for iOS operating system. So, if you are using apple smart phone then you able to conduct exam.

Online exam software mobile app with education towards Examination Approach. Online exams are mainly used on laptop/desktops. But what if you want to do a test on a mobile phone? Do you have to use an application? No, but is it possible to take an exam on your phone? Yes it is.

It’s challenging to manage our time and do a test on a computer, which is the easiest way to offer mobile apps/tablets anytime and anywhere to try. This application is synchronized with the web portal. This application is fit with devices such as iPhone, Android, Tablets.

What is Online Education

With the increase in penetration ratio of internet in remote areas, this team is gaining much awaited popularity. As we are the second highest market of internet users, the online education is going to be an USD 75 billion market. Almost every Indian educationist is aware about it and probably that is the reason behind quick growth of educational websites and applications day by day. Professionals as well as higher education seeker would opt for such online courses as it provide time and place convenience.

We further cannot deny the digitization of syllabus. Almost every bit of information is available in digital format so that it can be easily accessible. Students, be it of any age is referring to such materials on their mobile phones or tablets or laptops every day; Making education for all, and all for education possible. Although a teacher can never be replaced by any of the educational technology, he or she is being accompanied well. Technology has totally changed the way education is being carried out. It has made it more fun and less burdensome.

Online exam app

Education studies behavior and it is an old practice. But this task was on a teacher’s shoulders so far. Thanks to technology in Education it is turning out easier and effective too. Benefitted with the availability of data, monitoring and patterning the student behavior is becoming easy. It is in a way helping the higher student teacher engagement in class. Making it more effective for both to carry out their classroom activities and building a good relationship.

A long time ago, it was predicted that the world will dominate with the fingers. Bringing this prediction to life is a practice exam application, which gives students the practice of exams using their mobile phones. The use of the mobile web or tablet-based program can be synchronized with the exam application and can be operated from any location at any time. The app is compatible with devices such as the iPhone, Tablet, Windows, and Android. Sp. Take Online exam with mobile application.

Features of Application

⦁Easy to create, share and analyze the test
⦁The result is generated automatically
⦁Available for Android and iPhones
⦁Synchronization of test on Web and Mobile/Tablet
⦁Hosted on Cloud Servers
⦁Receive Notifications for all details

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