15 Colors for Nails that Will Make You Say Goodbye to The Basic Tones

Painting the nails is very simple, what is really difficult is to choose the color. Although many times you intend to paint them with flashy tones or even with an extravagant design made with a brush, in the end you always end up choosing the same basic colors that do not highlight your nails.

Fortunately there is always someone who can help you choose a new tone, and for that reason we are here. If you’re tired of the usual ones, then it’s a good time to look at this list, because there are earth tones to vibrant combinations in neon and pink that you will love.

1. This tone is feminine and delicate.

2. A perfect style to attract attention with elegance.

3. Mix two colors? Obviously yes!

4. The litmus colors have not remained in the 90s.

5. Mirror enamels in blue or purple tones are ideal for any time of year.

6. If you can not choose a single one, mix them all.

7. A touch of glitter to highlight.

8. These colors always go well with any skin tone.

9. Elegant and flirty

10. Natural but with a touch of brightness.

11. If you want your hands to attract attention, try something like this.

12. A minimalist and unique design.

13. Do not forget the neon colors.

14. Decorate them with jewels!

15. Nails with marble design.

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