Blue Contacts: How to Choose the Right Shade for the Right Occasion!

Contact lenses are all the rage nowadays! The colors make everything so much more fun! It’s easy to switch up your eye color whenever you want. No doubt, every person is naturally beautiful, but it’s always fun to be able to change your eye colors using lenses.

They are safe, convenient and oh so exciting! Not only that, colored contacts are also an amazing way to combine cool looks while simultaneously ditching those pesky vision glasses!

Choosing the Right Shade for the Right Occasion

Topaz Blue

Topaz blue is a gorgeous and unique shade of blue eye contacts that can be perfect for someone looking for a tint which isn’t too vivid, yet is able to give a fresh new look.

These can be worn for just about anything from a casual day out with friends, to classes, dinners and everything in between. The color is versatile due to its subtle tint that lends it the ability to be worn at just about every occasion. That is to say, the color would be acceptable to a place which doesn’t require dressing up and a really fancy occasion as well!

The best part perhaps, is that these colored contacts are available in a variety of wear times. This means that you can buy a 1-day disposable pair of lenses for trying them out before committing to the more expensive options of extended wear and reusable lenses.

Buckingham Blue

Buckingham blue too, like its predecessor is one of those shades that can be worn without a second thought. The color is light and soft, and would bode well for casual places just as well as for formal ones.

Pair it up with summery outfits and light makeup to go for a spontaneous brunch, or combine with smoked out eyes for a dinner! The possibilities are endless.Buckingham blue is a bit of an enhancement tint, rather than a full on explosion of color which makes it suitable for those looking to timidly venture in to the world of colored contacts. For those with a lighter eye color it might show up more prominently while adding only the smallest dose of color to those with naturally dark eyes.

Mayfair Ice

Definitely a more adventurous choice is Mayfair ice. It is an icy blue, reminiscent of the steely gaze of White Walkers from Game of Thrones. However, the beautiful color would look wonderful when worn with confidence.

The first rule of dressing up and trying something new is knowing you are beautiful no matter what. Wear these blue eye contacts and view the world knowing you can conquer all! The confidence of a good look is everything!

Diamond Blue

As unique as its name, diamond blue lenses are a sultry take on the color blue. Along with blue, it also has hints of grey that add a wonderful depth to the color. These, I feel, would look especially magnificent when being worn to occasions that call for a more formal attire such as weddings.

Pair them up with smoked out eyes and nude lips to ensure all attention rests solely on your eyes, then sit and relax as people do a double-take when they notice the gorgeous eye-do!

It’s not that this color can be worn just to events. Depending on how you accessorize your overall look, they will definitely look good with just about everything. Muted looks would on the whole compliment this particular color really well, as this would allow the lenses to stand out and display their magnificence in all their glory.

Misty Blue

Misty blue is a color built for those that like to experiment. Along with blue, it incorporates a little bit of plum/mauve, which makes the overall effect mistier than just plain blue. It is gorgeous without a doubt, and would be perfect for those outdoor bar-be-cues and summer weddings. The beauty of this particular shade is that it is pretty opaque, which means it will show a prominent effect no matter what your natural eye color may be!


If you’re looking for a color that is undeniably blue, then this is the color to go for! These are opaque too so that the color pops up, no matter what!

Details with minute lines just like the natural composition of eye colormake this color stand out and look natural all at the same time.

Almost all colored contacts come with the option of one day disposable ones. These make it easier for people to experiment and find their right shade before committing to more expensive options.As always, it is essential that you exercise caution when using contacts. Proper precautions can ensure you have a long, healthy and beneficial relationship with contacts, devoid of nasty infections!

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