Foods That Speed Up Your Body’s Aging Process!

If you thought ageing process is limited to smoking, stress and too much of sun exposure – think again! Doctors around the world stress on some other food items too which are responsible for early signs of ageing. What you eat shows on your body. And ageing is a natural process. But there are some foods that make you feel and look older faster than expected.

As you age the inclusion of these food items play a major role in accelerating the ageing process thus making you age faster. Brace yourself – as we have lined up some food that speeds up your body aging process. You might just cut down on ageing by limiting your consumption of these items.


Set distance from those donuts and caramel cupcakes, ‘Sugar is the threat!’ Numerous researches have proved that sugar combines with the protein in the body to create a process called Advanced Glycation End Products (AGEs). This process strengthens the development of degenerative diseases which in turn hampers the ageing process. The more sugar you consume, the faster your body ages.


A cup of tea or coffee in the morning might feel refreshing but in fact has a counter effect. It raises the stress hormones and any excessive amount can result in faster ageing. If you cannot skip coffee entirely, shift it to the morning hours and keep it mild. Drinking extra water to recover dehydration also helps.

Energy drinks

Energy drinks are loaded with caffeine and also have a bad effect on teeth enamel. These destroy the teeth enamel 8 times faster than other fizzy drinks. The result is unhealthy yellow looking teeth – something that we experience only during old age. Energy drinks make your smile age faster than you expect!

Preserved food

Preserved food items, particularly the ones we rely on for microwaving and instant eating are one of the major ageing foods. These have high amounts of sodium which increase the water retention in the body making you appear sluggish and puffy. The constant diet on preserved food makes your body believe ageing and thus the process accelerates too.

Crackers, cookies and cakes

Baked goods like crackers, biscuits, cookies and cakes are high in trans fat. These are hard to digest and put a burden on the liver too. They damage the fluidity of cells thus causing inflammation, wrinkles and loose skin.

Deep fried food

Deep fried food items like French fries, pretzels, wafers, meats, nuggets, etc are responsible for releasing free radicals in the body. The free radicals damage the skin cells and accelerate the ageing process. It also weakens skin elasticity making you look older at a young age.

Milk and cheese

Milk and cheeseare high in casein which is a milk protein known to clog the body and cause constipation. These trigger the signs of ageing like acne, eczema, skin inflammation, wrinkles and more. With too much of milk in the diet, you can expect yourself to look 10 years older.

Aging is good when it comes with time and age – for all other times you can maintain a healthy diet to stay younger for as long as you can. Keep an eye on these food items the next time they make it to your plate!

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