Best Foods For Burning Fat

A balanced diet is very important for keeping ourselves healthy physically and emotionally. It will also lead us to a life free of diseases.

There are many recommendations from a wealth of resources that will help you to keep a balanced diet. To keep up with the recommendations, you need to spend time to keep track and shop for the right products from fresh markets. This article shows you a method for burning fat tailored for busy people.

There are also costs associated with buying the best foods for burning fat. The taste of fat burning food may not taste as good hence could potentially demotivate you from keeping the same diet every day.

I have come up with a formula that will help busy people to burn fat and at the same time keep eating the same foods that you have been eating on all other days.

By following this formula 2 consecutive days a week, you will be losing pounds in no time. You may choose whichever days of the week to follow.

You are able to purchase all ingredients from any average supermarkets. The below are the list of items to put into your shopping basket on a weekly basis.

– 6 slices of white bread

– 2 boxes of cherry tomatoes (around 20 in each box)

– 2 fresh green broccoli

– 2 bananas

– 4 slices of squared ham

– 1 pack of smoked salmon (6 slices)

– 2 fresh eggs

– 2 250ml of low fat high calcium soymilk

Pack your breakfast and lunch as below for 2 consecutive days and take it to work with you. Prepare dinner after you get home.

Breakfast Hour- 2 slices of bread (can be toasted) with ham (no butter please), 1 soymilk.

Lunch Hour- 2 slices of bread with salmon, 1 box of cherry tomatoes (washed), 1 soymilk and 1 banana (eat the banana as afternoon tea around 3pm).

Dinner- 2 slices of bread with ham, chop and boil broccoli for about 1 min, drain water and place into a bowl, boil egg for about 7 mins, eat after removing the shell.

If you follow the above ingredients and eat those 6 meals in 2 consecutive days, I guarantee you that you will notice changes to your waist lines and overall weight loss in about 4-6 weeks time. These are some of the best foods for burning fat and increase your energy levels. All other days, you may eat anything as you used to, as long as you don’t overload with pizzas and junk foods every day. You should also continue to exercise with a decent amount and try not to sit on a chair for too long. If you work in an office, try to walk around the floor for about 5 mins every 1-2 hour. This will help to increase your heart rate and makes you more productive at the same time.

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