What is a surgical Strike and how does it happen?

We sleep because the soldiers wake up, we live because they die and give us life. This is a group of our society, which protects the nation till the last breath – this is the only reason for our peace.

India is a country with a moderate ideology but always has been taking hard steps such as surgical strikes and secretive operations based on specific and reliable information received from intelligence agencies. For instance, the secret operation carried out in Myanmar was the best example of the quick and intrepid action of the army. The action was taken at the time when terrorists attacked an army convoy in Chandel district of Manipur, where 18 soldiers were killed.

This attack was the most deadly attack carried out by militants in the region over the past two decades. Recently, India has demonstrated its stand of zero tolerance against terrorism, and has targeted a surgical strike by targeting the target pad across the LOC.

What is Surgical Strike or Surgical Operation?

Surgical strikes or surgical operations are a well-planned military action, which aims to attack and defeat a certain target. During this action, it is taken care of that there is no harm to the people, buildings and trains in the vicinity. To make this kind of operation successful, coordination between government, intelligence agencies and security forces is required. This is a quick and effective action and after this incident, additional military assistance is also prepared to deal with any situation.

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How the surgical strike is done.

Under the Surgical Strike, the place where the attack is to be gathered, the information is collected and accordingly, the attack is planned. Special commandos are prepared for this and the commando squad is transported to the target in a very secret way. After this there is an all-out attack on the enemy without giving an opportunity to consolidate the enemy and it is surrounded and destroyed there. Most of the surgical strikes are executed on late nights or in the morning.

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