5 Tips To Create A Perfect Wedding Album!

A wedding is a celebration of life. And if you have lived through those beautiful moments, you know how joyous the journey has been. Creating a wedding album is an art to put together your wedding moments in the form of photos to relive those memories again. There is a lot of work to it than what meets the eye.

A perfect wedding album is what one creates of the stunning pictures they have with them. It captures one’s mind into the time and moment of the day and leaves them happy each time they flip through the album. Here are 5 tips to create a perfect wedding album!

1. Sort through the pictures

When the wedding pictures finally arrive, its time to dig into the pictures and sort the ones you like. Remove the blurry ones or the unimportant ones to make way for more stunning pictures. Pick up the ones that are special to you. It could be your family moments, special moment with your loved ones, picturesque shots for the frames, getting ready shots and more. Sort the pictures as per the journey!

2. Select the pictures you feel important

Rather than going for what should make it to your wedding album, go for the ones you really feel important for your album. It is your wedding album and should have some personalization to it. Spontaneous moments, laughable moments, sacred moments and even the adorable couple shots – pick the ones you would really love to see time and again. Pick at least 3-4 pictures per ceremony/day to throw light on each day’s activities.

3. Organize the album as per events

Place the selected pictures in a chronological order to make the most of expression. Right from the preparations, getting ready, ceremonies, wedding vows and the departure – the events slowly become a journey of two beautiful souls coming together. And the better you arrange it the better your album expresses.

4. Go for a personalized cover

The album cover is the one that shall stand out in making for the representation of your wedding. Rather than going for a regular cover, get it personalized with pictures of you and your partner in your best shot. A romantic portrait, wedding ring shot or the vows moments will be a perfect idea.

5. Focus on the details

Wedding album doesn’t just portray the journey of two people’s marriage. There are a lot of details you can use to add feeling to the album. Pick up some random shots like that of wedding rings, table décor, venue décor, background shots, etc to add details to the album. With the surrounding details, your album shall provide an insider glimpse of what the wedding looked like.

Get creative with your wedding album and fill in the pages with a mix of personal moments, beauty and details. Add at least 2-3 photos per page to make it a wholesome experience for the people to flip through the photos. And don’t forget to put up a full page end picture to bring it down to one moment – togetherness!

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