Candid Wedding Photography: Tips to Get Perfect Shot with your Partner:

People who are going to marry soon can only understand the myriad of emotions a wedding couple feels before the big ceremony actually takes place. The happiness, anxiety, worries about preparation and the nostalgia of leaving their old life behind, all gate-crash their minds as their wedding day start approaching them.

In the midst of all this, the photography of their wedding is the last thing that couples think about. However, after some years of this special event, the wedding photographs and videos are the only treasure that invokes all of the memories of how it all happened.

So, you should start planning your wedding photographs from now! We have compiled the best tips for the wedding couples to get the most natural looking yet candid wedding shots.

1. Hire a Professional Wedding Photographer:

The first important thing is finding a professional and experienced wedding photographer for your wedding ceremony. Remember that, the photographer has a central role in capturing everything properly so; you shouldn’t compromise in this field.

Check the portfolio and previous shoot images of the photographer so that you can understand his style of work. This will help you in shortlisting the best-suited photographer as per your needs. A seasoned photographer knows exactly what to do and how to do it without much intervention.

2. Make the Photographer your Shadow for the Ceremony:

The more time you will spend with your photographer, the more you can get away from your camera consciousness or hesitation. Apart from it, some of the best shots are captured at the time of getting ready for the ceremony, during your transportation to the venue or at such other unusual timings.

Your photographer will be able to capture many unexpected yet candid shots; if he will be with you both all the time. Some of his team members can be with the bride to capture the preparations of that side, and some others can be with the groom.

3. Don’t Plan too much:

You shouldn’t picture your entire wedding day, your poses and everything, from getting ready to the reception, in your head. This will lead to expectations, and your mood will be destroyed when anything will deviate from these expectations. (Which surely will, that’s the beauty of life.)

Plan the basics, but don’t go in too many details. Lots of unexpected things happen on the wedding day like bad weather or forgetting a precious thing at home or anything like that. Just go with the flow, enjoy every moment to get the best shots.

4. Choose the Right Time for Outdoor Photography:

If you are planning to picture your romance in the lush green surroundings or natural views, then you should decide the time of doing so. Getting good photos in the full sunlight becomes a problem for the photographer; especially in summers. You won’t be able to give the best poses, and the makeup of the bride will also be ruined in such a scenario.

You should start your shoot just one hour before the sunset to get the best effect of sunlight. Otherwise, you can also get beautiful shots after a few hours of sunrise. You can try it if your ceremony is going to take place in the morning. So, you can wisely utilise sunlight to add a distinct effect into your photos by choosing the right time for outdoor photos.

5. Create a Timeline for Wedding Day:

You should create a proper timeline for your wedding day if you don’t want to waste the entire time on one thing or the other. There should be a set time limit for your makeup, rituals, couple photos, family photos and cake cutting etc. Your wedding planner can help you in setting the right time for everything.

You should ask your photographer as well before assigning time for different sections of the day. They have an idea about how much time would be perfect for capturing the photos of one ritual. You won’t run out of time if this planning would be done properly and the photos can also be perfect; when the photographer will have enough time to shoot everything.

6. Display your Natural Smile:

Some people become very anxious while facing the camera, and they will end up giving fake smiles when the photographer asks them to ease up. Those fake smiles look worse than even your natural anxious face. Fake reactions make the photographs look very artificial. While glancing at such images, the spectators can sense that every pose is done for the sake of the camera.

So, you should smile freely without worrying about how your face or teeth would be looking. The naturally shy smiles or even wide grins help in capturing the candid shots. These shots will surely bring a smile at the face of spectators as well.

7. Add the First Look Session:

The moment when both the bride and groom see each other for the first time clad in their wedding attires is totally amazing. Their eyes, the sudden smile and shyness, all of this say a lot about how awesome they are feeling in that particular moment.

After all, both of them imagined this moment hundreds of time before it actually happened. Moments like this are worth capturing. So, you should instruct your photographer to plan a first look session and capture those reactions which both of them will miss forever.

8. Incorporate a Sneak Away Session:

The excitement of sneaking away from all the wedding guests and showcasing the love is very different for wedding couples. Some couples don’t feel comfortable while posing in front of numerous guests who keep staring them.

You can add this sneak away session to get away from the crowd for some time and showing the perfect chemistry with your partner. Plan it during the night after dinner, or you can also go for this session once all the guests have left. Sneak away photos looks even more romantic; when captured under the star-filled night sky.

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