What to Do If You Are Suffering From an Abusive Relationship?

Being in an abusive relationship can be very dangerous for a person’s physical, mental and emotional health. There are many people who suffer from an abusive relationship without even knowing that the relationship has become toxic for them.

A relationship is not only abusive when your partner tries to harm you physically, but any act that disturbs yourpsychological and emotional well-being is also counted under abuse. So, if you also feel such things in your relationship, then it’s high time to take steps to stop it.

Try to Identify the Problems:

Sometimes, our partner behaves in an abusive manner because of personal tensions or problems. If your partner wasn’t like this before, then you should try to know the reasons for his/her issues without being judgemental.

Maybe you both can find the solutions together, and it will ultimately prevent your partner from being abusive. However, try this step only if your partner has started showing signs of such behaviour recently.

Don’t Tolerate Abuse Repeatedly:

If the abusive behaviour of your partner has become a regular pattern and he/she always have something to blame for his/her deeds, then you should take it as a red flag. It means that your partner is becoming habitual of abusive behaviour.

You will have to stop tolerating all this and be very clear about it. This will result in two things, either you will be able to break this bad habit of your partner, or you will end up alone. Both the circumstances are better than tolerating abuse repeatedly.

Voiceyour Opinion:

Largely, people abuse their loved ones without knowing how the other person about it. To open his/her eyes, you should voice your opinion and present your feelings in front of your partner.

You should tell him/her how this is affecting your whole life. Your partner should know that you aren’t a thing that can be controlled or possessed. He/she will only realise when you will present your thoughts and feelings.

Stop Giving Chances:

If you are one of those people who even don’t remember the count of chances that you have given to your partner, then you should leave now. You must understand by now that asking for more chances is only a way of your partner to stop you from leaving.

They forget about their mistakes the moment you will give them “another chance”. These chances hint towards your weakness and inability to leave them; which these abusive people use for their benefit.

Never Feel Afraid:

You aren’t alone in this mess as there are many people who suffer and also overcome from abusive relationships. There are many help centres and organisations that are always there for people who face abuse and get threats from their partner.

Be fearless while acting upon your final decision if you feel that leaving is the only solution. Involve your family, friends, and neighbours in case you are afraid of any harm from your partner. Know that; you can get out of this.

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