Best Restaurants to Explore in Bhutan to Get the Scrumptious Local Flavour

Bhutan is spectacularly located in the heart of Himalayas and is fondly referred to as‘the mountain kingdom’. It isarevered tourist destination and attracts nature lovers and mountain admirers from far and near from all across the world. Bhutan is blessed with the awe-inspiring royalty of palaces and the religiosity of stunning monasteries.

It has an overwhelming peace and solitude and friendly inhabitants to go with. The country presents a wide potpourri of splendid cultural amalgamation that has a lot for the tourists to revel and be joyous. There are quite a few restaurants in Bhutan that serves the spicy, chilly and fiery finger-licking good delicacies and amply justify the prefix to its identity as the Land of Thunder Dragon.

Read on to understand more about Bhutan’s culinary staples and how it has the lure of traditional mixed with authentic Bhutanese cuisine to suit each and every customer’s appetite.

1. KizomCafé Pizzaria

The café presents a wide assortment of pizzas, puffs, cakes and coffee that is simply to die for. Kizom café is located close to the Buddhist temple in Phuentsholing, at the heart of Bhutan’s city hub. The comfortable seating arrangements and the cool ambience along with the delicacy in the name of dessert that they serve continues to win hearts.

2. Babesa Village Restaurant

Babesa Village Restaurant is known for authentic Bhutan non veg food. They have set meals that are tremendously popular. These begin with brewing hot beverages like butter tea and goes on with sumptuous meals of rice, dried pork, beef curry, veg dishes of turnip, eggplants etc. cooked in cheese. If you are hungry for Bhutan’s authentic cuisine, this is the place to be. The cosy seating arrangements complete with low ceilings along with heritage ambience make for a complete experience in the capital city ofThimpu in Bhutan.

3. Bukhari at Uma by COMO

Bukhari can be certified as one of the best places to enjoy authentic Bhutanese meal. This is a must visit place if you are visiting the city of Paro. This restaurant operates from inside the Hotel Uma and can be easily accessed by the in-house guests of Uma. The ambience is rich and plush and the food served maintains a wide range of international clientele. Dishes that can rest your taste buds fully satiated are chilli cheese locally known as EmaDatshiwhich is a dish prepared with one full green chilli and delicious local melted cheese.

4. San Maru Restaurant

This restaurant is run by a sweet smiling and cheerful Bhutanese-Korean couple. It is a place to experiment with your taste buds through some absolutely delicious authentic Korean food. San Maru is said to offer the best Bibimbap and barbecue chicken in the country. It has a rich traditional interior and presents a joyful dining experience. It is located in Norzin Lam, in Thimphu, Bhutan.

5. SonamTrophel Restaurant

SonamTrophel Restaurant has some good food at moderate prices and is one of the best restaurants to eat the major meals in the city of Paro, Bhutan. Enjoy delicious Thukpa, Datshi and Momos here. The Restaurants have vegetarian and vegan options for the strict vegetarian clients. The Asian delicacies can be enjoyed at reasonable rates here in Bhutan.

6. Taktsang Cafeteria

Located amidst the hills, this cafeteria is en route to the famous Tiger’s Nest. This café offersa melting scenery from topaided by scrumptious meals that takes care of hungry you. The eatery is famous for red rice and traditional curries. Service takes time but it is worth at the end. This place is good for packing some food for the rest of the journey.

7. Folk Heritage Museum Restaurant

It is a super popular restaurant in Thimphu, Bhutan, for traditional Bhutanese meals. Buckwheat pancakes, dishes of eggplants and beans is what you need to get going. Traditional Bhutanese homely environment offering authentic butter tea and varieties of Datshi wins heart. The restaurant uses the best seasonal, organic ingredients in the country and follows the traditional methods of cooking, Bhutanese legacy of the bygone era. The interiors are colourfuland complements the dishes served. The seats with comfort cushions around a low table and eating from handmade wooden bowls as per original Bhutanese custom will make you feel special.

The menu list offers endless options having 60 vegetarian dishes and more than 100 non-vegitems. The menu includes special dishes such as khulior Bhutanese pancake made from buckwheat, kektikewa or spiced baby potatoes and jashamaroo made from minced chickento go with ara or a local rice wine.

8. Bhutan Kitchen

Excellent option for traditional dining with low seating arrangement. The ingredients used for cooking are local and fresh to lend that extra aroma and taste to the dishes.

This place offerssolely vegetarian options. Some dishes that you should not miss while you are here are lentil soup and stir fried veggies with red rice. The buffet optionsare a mix of taste and will have something for ever hungry traveller soul. It is undoubtedly one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Bhutan.

9. Ambient Cafe

The ambience is a beautiful mix of typical Bhutanese enchantment and European feel of cafes. Books on the shelves with curios to browse through with your meal. The tasteful interiors and quirky vibesadd joy to the delicious pizzas, sandwiches, iced tea and cool shakes.

10. Mountain Cafe Paro

Mountain Cafe in Paro is located close to the Paro Airport and is very popular. It is an excellent dining option for the vegetarian and offer organic fast food such as veg burgers, cheese sandwiches, pav bhajis, veg dumplings, buckwheat pancakes, dumpling and a lot more.

Enjoy the freshly brewed coffee, tea, Indian dishes, basil pesto pasta, Bolognese, seasonal soups and more with high-speed free WIFI. A cosy place to catch some snacks with a hot cup of coffee.

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