Most Popular Restaurants and Cafés in the Hills of LehLadakh:

Situated in the Ladakh region, Leh is a popular travel destination that you can easily find in the bucket list of any travel freak. People come from faraway lands to enjoy the scenic panoramas of mountains, intricately crafted Buddhist shrines and the unpolluted environment ofLeh!

Famously called the little Tibet, Leh is also known for lip-smacking food, friendly people and colourful prayer flags. All the foodies who are planning to visit LehLadakh must be making a list of top eating points of Lehor buying the best Leh tour packages by now. Are you also one of them? If yes, then know about the best restaurants and cafés of Leh before everyone else!

1. The Tibetan Kitchen:

Tibetan culture and traditions highly influence the quaint town of Leh. So, you could find many restaurants and eating joints in Leh serving scrumptious Tibetan cuisine. Among them all, Tibetan Kitchen is the oldest and most cosy restaurant where you can enjoy a Tibetan meal.

Located at the famous Fort Road, this restaurant serves Indian, Chinese and Tibetan food to the visitors. You can try various types of Momos, Thupkas and noodles in a comfortable under the sky sitting arrangement. You will be fortunate if you find a seat in this eatery while visiting during the on-season months. You must try the famous “Tibetan hot pot” or “Gyakko” which is their speciality.

2. Open Hand Café:

Having outlets in many prominent cities like Varanasi and Kochi, Open Hand Café is among the best eating places to visit in Leh. If you love the idea of eating your food in an open garden sitting with a cute little companion dog then, you should try this café once. In this chilled out café, fresh cabbages, spinach and other vegetables are being grown in the same garden where people have their food.

It also has a delightful indoor seating area full of cheerful bright art. Satisfy your sweet tooth by trying their chocolate pancakes, apple apricot cream or banana crumble in breakfast. You will end up craving for more after eating some of their special desserts options!

3. Chopsticks Noodle Bar:

Do you love the combination of yummy Chinese food and chilled beer? Oh, we know you do! Chopstick Noodle Bar is one of the very few places where you can relish on both these things with Chinese style interiors. The beautifully placed Japanese fans and Chinese lanterns will make you feel like you are actually dining in China!

As the name suggests, you can get a varied variety of veg and non-veg noodles here. Apart from it, you should also try spring rolls, crispy chilli potato or wonton soup in Chopsticks Noodle Bar. You can also enjoy some Asian and Indonesian dishes here.

4. Lamayuru Restaurant:

People who are looking for good vegetarian food in LehLadakh should visit Lamayuru restaurant. You will usually find quite similar dishes at many eating points in Leh still; the special dishes prepared from scratch makes Lamayuru Restaurant different.

Located in the bustling main market of the town, this place is known for its good service and finger licking food. Tryout the special cheese made up of yak milk, Israeli Lafa, Thupka, Momos while dining here.

5. Bon Appetit:

Bon appetite is one of the best restaurants of Leh that showcase the essence of Ladakh with its unique architectural style. Bon appetite robs the hearts of the visitors with its minimalistic details, simplicity and awesome food. You can also enjoy the panoramic views of Stok Kangri while enjoying your food here.

Don’t forget to order flavoursome chocolate momos along with your favourite wine or cocktails in Bon Appetit. Choose from a wide variety of international, Asian and European dishes to make your evening more special!

6. Lala’s Art Café:

Lala’s Art Café is the true example of old Ladakhi tradition. If small houses showing the real essence of the city excite you then, Lala’s Art Café should be on your list. It used to be a small Ladakhi house that was restored by a German conservator in 2008. You have to walk through the old dilapidated lanes of Leh to reach this small café.

A nine-foot statue of Maitreya will welcome you here. The first floor looks exactly like a traditional Ladakhi home with chogtse tables and small stairwell. You can also go to the little terrace in order to enjoy the closest views of the beautiful Leh Palace. The Ladakhi butter tea and coffee will definitely make your day!

7. Gesmo Restaurant:

Are you craving for eating bakery products in breakfast? Well, satiate your taste buds by visiting the Gesmo Restaurant on your Leh trip. Being a popular tourist hub, this place remains almost packed in the travelling season of Leh. So, booking your table in advance would be a wise choice.

This eating joint offers you freshly baked cookies and cakes along with other dishes like pizza, momos, paranthas and what not! People who are looking for a cool place to chitchat while having breakfast should visit this place. The great ambience will elate your mood to new heights!

8. Bob’s Café:

Located on Changspa road near the famous Shanti Stupa, Bob’s café is the right eating joint to find the authentic and scrumptiousLadakhi food. The cosy atmosphere with incomparable hospitality will make you feel like visiting it regularly.

The cool interiors, a plethora of fast food options along with refreshing juices makes it a perfect hangout place for youngsters. You can also find other like-minded travellers while chilling at Bob’s Café. Don’t miss the views of Shanti Stupa from the top of it!

So, don’t control your excitement anymore and buy your Leh tour package now! Awesome food and beauty go hand in hand at destinations like LehLadakh. It means you are going to have a fun loaded trip with energy packed food inLeh. Sounds interesting? Then, hurry up!

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