How To Analyze The Most Important PPC Reports

People from the PPC industry are quite familiar with the importance of PPC reports and their importance in presenting the data in an easy way. There will be no PPC manager who would not have used a reporting tool to stay updated with the health of their campaigns. But is it that you have to always keep each and every metric in your to analyze or having a PPC tool that has everything in it build up for you to analyze is better. If I were to pick, I will go with the second one. Here I will be talking about the two brands who proved to have given me the most satisfactory experience. I loved using Word Stream’s Ad Words grader. In fact, I discovered some of my sharpest colleagues using Word Stream’s reporting software for outstanding results. It enables you to squeeze out more juice out of your Google Ads campaigns within less time to free you to work on bigger-picture and even more profitable stuff. Its use is highly recommended. The other reporting tool is more of an Analytics-driven reporting tool. In a PPC account, it is important to know what is working, and even more important to know what is not working. An analytics-driven audit can thoroughly evaluate the effectiveness of your account, and provide actionable insights to you. Google Analytics is quite complex to use on its own but is one important component in your PPC journey. PPC reporting can be succeeded well if data from Google Analytics is well put in the form of some chart etc. PPCexpo has a report named Account Audit Report that you can run to figure out your thing and have an analysis in front of your eyes to do future previous data analysis comparisons.

Well, talking about both the tools, PPCexpo’s has an analytics-driven tool, which means it goes deep into the data to bring out the results. Another plus of this particular tool is that they use a technology
named iPDF (interactive PDF) which puts all the data in the form of visuals stories. This particular tool that Word Stream has to offer is free and also proves itself to drive out all the necessary data from the
core that a user a needs. As the topic is meant to help you on how to analyze the most important PPC reports so you can only do it if you have figured out which report do you need to run. That can only be done if you have figured out your needs and the areas of improvement. In case if you are unable to figure it out for yourself, you can always take help from your fellow PPC managers and experts to pick up the best cure for yourself. There are several other tools available in the market so there might be something else that will work out the best for you. In the meanwhile, you can explore here my pick for the most important tool in the PPC industry.

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