How to increase DA (Domain Authority) of Website?

Before we let you know about how to increase DA of your website you should know about your target .Target mean you want to rank your website keyword on Google first page or you want to increase only DA because both are the different things we let you know how. DA is not a Google product this is designed by MOZ Company. MOZ saying if your DA is high than you have chance to rank on Google but this is not a true .If your DA is 20 and your compactor DA is 50 so it doesn’t mean that you can’t replace them from their position .

We wil let you know how, take one keyword like “Phuket Honeymoon Tour Package” and check first page of Google you will find websites like , , on second page  but one website which is made position on Google first page with very less DA compare with these sites .So if you want to rank your keyword on Google first page so do normal SEO on specific page and create quality do-follow backlink .

How is DA Scored and What is a ‘Good’ DA??

DA is scored on a 100-point scale. As such, it’s easier to grow your site’s score from 20 to 30 than it is to grow from 70 to 80.According to Moz, sites with a large number of high quality backlinks take your website on the top scale of DA. Sites like Wikipedia,, YouTube, Facebook score 100 DA. On the other hand, websites and blogs with less number of backlinks have much lower DA. New websites will always start with a Domain Authority score of 0.

How to Increase DA (Domain Authority) of Your Website?

1. Create High-Quality Content

Content is one of the important things that have a direct impact on domain authority. So you should write quality content and unique with minimum 500 words and give proper linking.

2. Build Strong Internal Links

An internal link is one that points to another page on the same website. It will help you maintain bounce rate and visitor will spend more time on your site which is help you increase google ranking and DA.

3. Build maximum Backlink

If you are starting work on new domain and blog so you need to work hard there is few ways through which you can easily take your website domain from 1 to 15. Do blog commenting, directory and web submission. 1000 Blog Commenting list check out.

4. Domain Age Matters

One of the key factors to higher domain authority is the domain age. IF you have Quality content but Domain age is less so it will impact your DA. So keep Patient and write Quality content and Build Backlinks.

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