Improve Search Engine Ranking in Yahoo by Bookmarking Your Site

The web sites appearing on the first page of the results are likely to get the most targeted traffic. Yet, Internet users aren’t likely to search through more than a page or two of the search results when seeking more information on a certain subject.

Researching search phrases

Search and use suitable keywords or keyword phrases for your web-sites content. Take a look at affiliate sales page and go through the content thoroughly finding keywords. Take 2-4 keywords. These key phrases will be high competitive. Do not use very competitive keyword phrase but from 5,000 to 500,000 search results in Bing is OK. So you should explore low competitive but the targeted key phrase for these purposes use Google Wonder Wheel. It will give you options to locate long tail keywords in your specialized niche.

Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is a effective way of driving traffic to your website and rank well for certain keywords. Several internet entrepreneurs discover it very effective method. Also be aware to include your landing URL or affiliate url on your profile page. As you set up your network, other users will click to your profile page and this is your chance to expose them to your sites or affiliate web sites directly.

To reach good results in social bookmarking you’ll need:

  1. Use Bookmarking Program. Ensure you don’t spam the services though. Try to publish 2 links every day. If you have a ton of projects to market use build-in proxies in social bookmarking tool. Be sure that you can promote inner pages of your website as well and rank them with long tail keywords and phrases.
  2. The better your headlines and summaries, better users will be interested in your posts; the more will view and click. Do not concentrate too a lot on keywords and phrases. Try to find some solution to use keyword and to produce interesting title. Create appropriate description and tags. Prepare from 50 to 100 different titles and descriptions to allow software randomly use.
  3. Remember that the ultimate target is to get the visitor to finally click on your URL, so make sure all your articles leads to your landing page or your affiliate product or service.
  4. Obtain the significant and fresh list of social bookmarking sites to place them in Software database.

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