Ways to Give Vintage Touch to your Office Interior:

As we live in a modern age, adding a classic vintage touch into the workspace makes it unique. The vintage theme makes the entire space charming, elegant and comforting as it is quite different from the regular interior decor.

You can also add vintage elements into your office easily. Yes, anything from the old times can be used for creating a vintage effect. Still confused? Read on:

Invest inWall Art:

Wall art is very helpful in transforming your office according to the vintage theme. All you have to do is to collect some old-school items. Recognising such vintage items isn’t a difficult task. It can be old photo frames, metallic wall hangings and ancient art pieces. Hang these things on a few walls to get the desired effect.

Use Old or Artificially Aged Furniture:

Furniture plays an important role in vintage décor. You can use the old furniture that looks rusty or a little bit discoloured. It goes well with the vintage theme. Otherwise, you can buy heavy chairs, sofas, tables etc. which indicates the use of natural materials; not the modern ones. You can also substitute shelves with old-style suitcases.

Choose Vintage Colours and Patterns:

Right kind of colours and patterns are required for vintage aesthetics. You can use patterns like polka dots to drive home a feel of the 1950s or the Victorian era. Try to find some images from the old times, which can give you inspiration for selecting the right vintage patterns and styles for your office interiors.
Choose eye-soothing colours like grey, beige, sand, cream or shades of pale lilac, light blue or pink. Stick to one colour for a vintage effect.

Add Bronze Items and Vintage Stuff:

If you have extra space or empty corners, then you can add some bronze or brass statues and other items. Specially designed vintage look art pieces like statues, table accessories and centrepiecesare available in the market.
Add vintage stuff like music boxes, antique clocks, olds-style chandeliers and lamps, and books. Otherwise, you can also incorporate some old material of your own family. Look into the collection of your grandparents, and you will surely find something antique!

Focus on Simplicity:

Back in the old times, the lives of the people were quite simple and so, is their décor. You should keep this thing in mind while creating a vintage look. Don’t try to add too many things as it will look over. Keep it simple, minimal and elegant. Some people add junk items which ruin the aesthetics. So, avoid doing this. Add old elements, but only those that look like a legacy from the past.

Don’t Forget about Finishing Elements:

In addition to the main details, add a few things for providing a smooth finishing to your vintage décor:

  • Wooden floor
  • Flowers or flowery wallpapers
  • Decorative lace napkins in the pantry
  • Scratches, scrapes and abrasions
  • Rough white ceiling
  • Black and white photographs

Now, it’s time to transform your office into a vintage style workspace.

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