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As we keep saying 9apps Vidmate download apps or 9apps VidmateAPK download install or many more there is only one reason for that. This application you will only able to find on 9Apps Store. This application is not available on the Google Play store as per there clear policy violation and Google Play store do not want to get into trouble by allowing such app on Play Store. They don’t want developers to publish such video downloading apps.

As Google doesn’t allow you to download this 9apps Vidmate download appsdue to which people think this application is not safe and sure. But this application is completely sure only you need to take care of a few basic things. As this app run multiple application in one and most time we fail to turn off or come out of it due to which it keeps running in the background even if you are not using one this cause overheating of your phone. This you can fix by using basic change in your phone, go to your phone setting – > Running Service – > Stop Service. By doing this your use ofthis application will go to stop, so you can enjoy your phone and battery for a long time.

So if you are still looking how to download this application on your phone then you can follow below steps to get this multitasking 9apps Vidmate download appson your phone:

∇ Step A: You need to visit official 9Apps mobile store 9Apps.co.in
∇ Step B: You will get Vidmate Application option, Click on that
∇ Step C: It will open the new page where you will get the option to download, Click on that
∇ Step D: It will start downloading, once Download is done.
∇ Step E: You need to click on Install but you will get pop on on-screen Unknow source. Please Unable that.
∇ Step F: Your Installation will process.
∇ Step G: Your Application is ready to use.

Now your phone is ready to use this safe, simple, fast and secure application your phone.

There JIO had launched the new basic phone which supports 4G but as it’s the basic phone we have so many limitations on that but if you want to Install this 9apps Vidmate download apps on your JIO Phone then here is the step which you need to follow get this on your phone.

Steps To Install Play Store Apps Vidmate on Jio Phone

∇ Step 1: First, open Official 9apps Store website to install apps on Jio Phone.
∇ Step 2: Wait till the Play Store has been completely loaded in your phone.
∇ Step 3: Tap on the search bar and the type App name you want to install.
∇ Step 4: Now click on that specific app to open it.

So if you are one who is using JiO Basic phone then you can use the above step and enjoy the features and benefits of all the application on your phone.

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