Webtoon Film-Making Movement Flourished In Korea

Hyde Jekyll, Me, Misaeng are movies based on popular online comics.

Webtoon is a crossbreed between comics and cartoons.  At first, Webtoon was just some pictures drawn and shared by amateur artists on the Internet.  Some time later, this movement developed a little more, these images can be added and moved along with some sounds to create a more authentic feel for viewers.  Because of these characteristics, when reading a Webtoon comic, readers will feel like they are watching a real animation.

With differences from traditional manga, you will find it strange.  When you get used to Webtoon, you feel that addictive color-framed comic books are no different than other popular manga.

 1. Movie Misaeng

Misaeng became the most successful adaptation film ever on Korean television.  Starting from a Webtoon inspired by the boring office work, the film makes viewers feel close and find themselves.  Following the influence of the film, the series was printed and sold more than 500 thousand copies.  The author said he will write next part 2 and is also able to adapt to the television.

 2. Movie Her Lovely Heels

With the participation of Han Seung Yeon (Kara) and Hong Jong Hyun, this online short film was inspired by the same name Webtoon.  The story is about the heroine Han – who cannot escape the suffering of her first love despite facing the dream queen.  Hong is the perfect boyfriend who always tries to understand and heal the feelings of his lover.

 3. Movie Dr.Frost

 4. Movie Flower Boy Next Door

The film is based on I Take Peeks’s famous Webtoon at Him Everyday and has starring roles such as Park Shin Hye, Yoon Shi Yoon, Go Kyung Pyo.  This is a funny story about a girl who rarely leaves home unless absolutely necessary.  This work has caused fever among young people and dragged into works like Flower Boy Ramen Shop, Shut Up Flower Boy Band.

 5. Movie Love Cell

The film is based on series of funny stories on the Internet, characters appear under pretty unique strokes.  When adapted into a movie, Love Cell attracted attention because of the gathering of cult actors like Kim Woo Bin, Jang Hyuk, Kim Yoo Jung.  This is a suitable work to watch during holidays.

 6. Movie Hyde Jekyll, Me

Hyde Jekyll, Me had a fever since he was just a project thanks to Hyun Bin’s acting participation.  The script based on the Web comic named Dr.  Jekyll is Mr.  Hyde tells of a man who has two completely opposite personalities and is caught up in a love story with Ha Ji Min.

With extremely attractive content, webtton manhwa is growing stronger.  With the combination of Korea’s leading technology company such as Naver, Daum, Come2us … Webtoon manhwa has grown rapidly and conquered international markets and even the US and Europe.  The dynamism and responsiveness of webtoon comics companies is to compose a variety of topics from action, romance, adult hentai, manhwa hentai, drama, school life, … to be an extremely international readership.  doubt and love.

If you are a fan of comics, you can’t ignore webtoon manhwa. It’s really new compared to manga or manhhua. In addition to paid sites comic content on the developer. Comic lovers can still read manhwa online for free at manytoon.com website you can read thousands of manhwa, manga and manhhua comics completely free and selectively. In addition to Comic, don’t forget to read Manhwa online.

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