Safety Tips to Use an Electric Heater

With the winters breezing in New Zealand the time has come to turn on your electric heaters. Electric heaters are a proven remedy for chilly nights and cold days, they provide a soothing warmth which eludes most of the country down under during the nights and days alike.
But with electric heaters there are certain things you must adhere to before using them or installing them in your homes and buildings. Like any electrical appliances electric heaters have their own safety precautions, although they might be similar to all other electrical appliances they still need to be mentioned nonetheless and you might find something quite important.

Safety precautions when buying an electric heater

Safety and security of any electric appliance start from the day you want to buy it. There are certain things you must do before you purchase an electric heater.

Check the company you are buying from

Always go for a reputable brand rather than any other shop on the corner of your street. Look for reviews and find the best manufacturer. It is better to buy an expensive product which will work for years rather than a cheap product which can be dangerous for home use and malfunctions every few days

Check for warranty

Before completing the purchase, physically or online, always check for the warranty of the product, better to be careful than sorry.

Get it tested and tagged

If you are buying anything online or from a respectable store then you must get it tested and tagged by that provide the best service of test and tag Christchurch. You can always get a professional tester who can identify any electrical fault in the appliance and with a few tests your appliance will be stamped authentic.

Safety precautions when at home

Place it in an appropriate space

Your heater must be placed elevated from the ground and in a place away from any flammable substances and anything which might catch fire such as curtains, sheets and furniture.

Keep children away from the heater

Remember to keep children away from your electric heater. Place at anywhere which is out of the reach of children.

Have a smoke and fire alarm installed

Any emergency can surface anytime and you have to be careful about it. It is better to install smoke and fire alarms near the appliance in order to stay cautious of any unwanted emergency.
Shut down the heater when you are out.

Remember to always shut down your heater before you leave your building in order to keep your home and your belonging safe.

Make room for ventilation

Make sure your rooms have an inch of their windows open in order to provide your room with some ventilation. Completely closed rooms with heaters can get dangerous after some time.

Get your appliance tested and serviced on regular intervals

To ensure that your appliance is working safely and smoothly it is important that you keep it maintained and serviced on a regular basis. Servicing will relieve your appliance of any issues and incoming damages.

Secondly you must get not only your electric heater but every electrical appliance tested and tagged. You can always find the test and tag Christchurch from

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