10 Amazing Water Parks in Rajasthan: Best Ways to Stay Cool in Thar

During the summer months, it really gets hot in Rajasthan. Many people go to hill stations to beat the heat. However, today there are many international standard water parks in Rajasthan where families can go and have a cool and fun filled weekend getaway. These water parks offer wide variety of activities and dining options to visitors. Most of these water parks are highly affordable, so more and more people are beginning to spend their weekends here and rejuvenating themselves. So if you are thinking about beating the heat in Rajasthan, check out these water parks in Rajasthan.

Birla City Water Park, Ajmer

Birla City Water Park is one of the largest water parks in Rajasthan. It is a well maintained water park that features a 8 feet swimming pool, water fall with rain dance, jumbo rides, colorful sliding pathways for children, indoor and outdoor water games, and much more. Surrounded by greenery and beautifully landscaped, the park has many dining options for the visitors. It is well maintained and very clean. They also have air conditioned rooms with all the modern facilities for those who want to stay here.

Marvel Water Park, Udaipur

With 24 water rides, Marvel Water Park is one of the most fun filled water parks in Rajasthan. Nestled amongst lush green surroundings, it offers a very pleasant environment for visitors to cool down and beat the heat. They have a large swimming pool, Kid Splash Pool, Pendulum, Wave Pool, Watch Tower with waterfall fountain, Goofers Lagoon, Zig-Zap, Capsule, and many other water rides. After chilling out at the water park, you can try their superb food court that offers variety of dishes and drinks. They have ample parking space.

Aquagreens Water Park, Kota

This is the first water park in Kota and it has been almost ten years since locals and tourists have been flocking this place to beat the heat of Rajasthan. Located inside the Hariyali Resort, it is not such a big water park; however, it offers unlimited fun filled activities for adults and kids alike. It is true that they do not have that many water rides, but the place has a very nice ambience and the green surroundings will make you forget that it is peak summer time. They also have a very good dining option and the best part is that it is highly affordable.

Wild Dragon Adventure Park, Ranthambore

If you are visiting Ranthambore this summer, why not stop over at the Wild Dragon Adventure Park to rejuvenate yourself. Sandwiched between hill and a lake, the park offers adventure sports, water ball, bumper boats, trampoline, haunted house, warrior bull, pool, and much more for those who are looking for a fun filled adventure getaway. It is not a very crowded place as some of the other parks are, thus making it more enjoyable. Dining option is also available for visitors.

Golden Water Park KhatuShyam Ji, Khatu

It is the ultimate place to hang out during the summer months of Rajasthan. The park has well landscaped green lawns and the whole environment is calling out people to have fun and chill out. The water park here has lots of rides for children and adult alike. They also have a rain water dance floor where you can dance your heart out to the latest hits. The ambience is perfect for families and friends. The dining option here is simply amazing and has something here for everyone.

Pink Pearl Resort and Fun City, Jaipur

This resort has one of the best water parks in Rajasthan. It has rain dance floor, large pool, plenty of water rides for kids and adults, wave pool, water slides, lazy river, rock climbing, train ride, and there is a separate ladies and kids pool. It is a fun place to chill out with family and friends. They have recently added an Adventure Park and Army Obstacle Course at the resort. So if you are in mood for more adventure, you can simply try out the Vertical Net, Rope Climbing, Commando Net, Body Balancing, and Tarzan Swimming at the course.

Sunrise Health Resort, Jaipur

This is a unique resort that offers both health and recreational activities. The resort is spread out over 20 acres of beautifully landscaped area. With a hillside view on three sides, it is a place where families and friends come to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and beat the heat of the Indian summer. It has a very large swimming area with slides. It also has a kid’s pool, wave pool, rain dance floor, and an ambience that you will not find in any other water park. They have a hotel and dining out options for those who want to stay here longer and focus on their health.

AppuGhar, Jaipur

AppuGhar offers complete entertainment to those who want to enjoy the summer doing something fun and refreshing. It has something for everyone- water park, toy train ride, mechanized bull ride, bungee trampoline, archery, ATV ride, paintball and much more. The water park here is clean and offers a wave pool, swimming pool, water rides, water slides and so much more. They have a vegetarian restaurant called Phulwari and lots of food stalls.

Mauj Mahal Water Park, Jaipur

Located inside the Mauj Mahal Resort, this water park offers plenty of fun filled activities. The water park here consists of rain dance floor, swimming pool, water slides, video game parlor, train ride, kid swimming pool, and a safe and clean environment for the visitors. After a fun filled day at the park, you can enjoy delicious food at their Mauj Mahal Restaurant.

Angel Resort and Amusement Water Park, Jaipur

This resort cum waterpark is the best place to beat the heat. This well landscaped water park has large swimming pools, water slides, wave pool, artificial surfing, billiard room, lazy river, rain dance floor, open Jacuzzi, and much more. Being a resort, the place offers excellent rooms with modern day facilities to those who want to stay longer here. The dining options here are finger licking good.

With so many choices available, there is no reason why anyone would want to stay crammed up in their homes during the summer months.

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