Beaches In Goa That You Cannot Afford To Miss

Goa is one of the top tourist destinations in India, it’s a lovely state situated in the western Indiawith coastlines stretching along Arabian Sea. Most preferred location among sun and surf lovers, home to the numerous beaches, offering a different and fresh experience. There’s a beach for every mood, some are serene, peaceful, and perfect for solitude seeker and on the other hand some are lively with music, dance and people enjoying life in most extravagance ways. Tourism of Goa is divided into two parts North & South, both have lots of beaches to explore so it’s a good idea to select the best beaches that suites your mood. Let’s know about few of the best beaches in North and south Goa.

Beaches in North Goa

Anjuna beach

Anjuna beach was once a home to hippies, however they moved now but their legacy remains as it is. The Anjuna market, which is held on every Wednesday was once started by hippies and they used to sale accessories and funky clothes in order to raise money and support their stay in Goa. The market is still there and even biggernow and it continues to be the most popular one. Anjuna beach is a perfect place to enjoy the tides, have some delicious food on the shores along with an ideal destination for budget travellers as there are numerous funky hostels nearby.

Vagator Beach

Vagator is famous for its craziest trance parties, dominated by young European and Indian travellers. Located few minutes away from Anjuna Beach, you will find lots of beach shacks, restaurants and shops to just sit and enjoy the waves. During seasons it is dominated by the parties but during other times it is one of the less crowded and peaceful beaches around.

Calangute and Baga beach

One of the most crowded and busiest beaches in Goa. Occupied by lots of foreigners tanning themselves on the beaches as well as at sun lounges. Baga beach is next to Calangute beach situated right where Calangute ends. Less crowded with wide range of water sports. Also, it offers a perfect night life where you can quench your thirst for delicious local sea food and wine from the surrounding restaurants. Baga is more famous among Indian travellers, the most famous club Tito’s and Cafe Mambo is also around.


The most famous characteristic of this beach; its home to sea turtles. If you love watching turtles along with different bird species such as sand plover, kingfisher, sandpipers, quill, cuckoo and bay-backed shrike, Morjim beach is for you. With lots of shacks and restaurants it is also a good place for dolpin-watching.

Querim Beach

Querim beach is also known as Keri Beach. One of the calmest beaches in north of Goa. Waves are rough, so it is recommended to enjoy walk by the side of beach or stick to lazing on the sand. If you can walk for few meters, you will find the ancient Ajoba temple and a 17th Century Terekhol Fort which is now converted into a royal hotel.


Close to the busy Baga beach, subdued alternative to bustling Calangute. Candolim is famous but not over crowded. Known for its beauty, lovely sand dunes, clear water, cold sea breeze and the local food shacks along with the must try local wines. You can also enjoy adventure sports, including in parasailing, banana rides, jet skiing and scuba diving in the beach.

Beaches in South Goa

Agoda Beach

One of the well-maintained beaches in Goa, perfect to enjoy the serenity and solitude, the long-isolated stretch of Agoda beach is perfect destination for relaxing in the beach while doing nothing. It is relatively less crowded, you can stay in the huts situated right on the beach and enjoy the tranquillity of nature. It is also safe for swimming, guarded by lifeguards and famous for number of water activities. The Aguada fort which stands tall at one end of the beach offers a good opportunity to click lots of picture and take them back with you as a memento of your tour.

Varca Beach

A peaceful beach which remains quiet, calm and serene, free from the unwanted crowd. It is not commercialized and not as popular as other beaches in Goa, so you can enjoy the pristine beauty of the beach here. The Dolphin trips are organized in regular basis, which is a major attraction of the beach. Lots of resorts and stay options are available nearby, accommodation is never a hurdle when comes to the varca beach.


To enjoy the true Indian feel and the culture, do visit the Colva beach. It becomes busy in October when pilgrims start visiting Colva church. It is not driven by nightlife entertainment and also not very famous among western tourists. So, you can easily enjoy its authenticity and culture along with vast stretches of sand, abundance of water activities. Don’t forget to visit the legendary “Our Lady of Merces Church” also known as Colva Church when you are here.

Palolem Beach

One of the unspoiled beaches in Goa which is basically inhabited by local fisherman. Also, it is famous among foreign tourists who enjoy living in shacks along the shore or in the main village to enjoy the closeness with the locals and their real culture. It’s a small beach, with rocky ends. It is a must visit beaches when you are in Goa with ample lodging options. It is safe for swimming and hosts the most unique “Silent Noise party” which is a big hit among visitors.

Although Goa is the smallest states in India, but the number of beaches it owns is unlimited. The diversity of lovely beaches is perfect for any holiday style, whether your priority is relaxation, partying or exploring the culture of Goa. But remember, Goa has so many beaches that it’s not possible to visit them all unless you are planning to stay for the whole week. And if you don’t have the whole week in your bucket, then choose wisely.

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