Best Restaurants to Visit in Thailand

Vacationing in Thailand is synonymous with enjoying a gala cuisine spread in some of the world’s famous restaurants acclaimed for their mouth-watering gastronomic delights. The culinary amazement of Thailand covers a wide array of a delectable mix of spicy, sweet and sour variety of salads, soups, curries, fried meats, seafood and delectable desserts. The dishes arecooked with love and care using an incredible range of spices.

Thai cuisine is so popular worldwide that almost every major town or city across the world serve a hundred different versions of Thai cuisines. But for genuine food lovers, the best place to get authentic Thai food would be in Thailand itself. Thailand has options ranging from upscale sophisticated dining to casual eateries along with delectable churns of street food specialities. So as you go around Thailand, be sure to explore the best restaurants of Thailand. The burst of culinary delight will leave you bewildered and craving for more.

David’s Kitchen, Chiang Mai, Thailand

If you are on a Thailand Tour Package, don’t miss your chance of having a meal at David’s Kitchen, located in Bumrungrad Road in Chaing Mai, Thailand. This is a French restaurant with a highly romantic ambience and has a lovely indoor dining room. Whether your visit is long or short, taste the outstanding food of this restaurant in Thailand. The service steals the show where the guests are personally greeted by the owner, David.

Especially, if it happens to be a special occasion or life event, then do be sure to get an extra warm welcome. The staff courteous and polite. You can even taste the wines before you order your bottle. The signature dishes served at this restaurant such as pumpkin soup, salmon salad, lobster claw fettuccine, foiegras, lamb rack,pumpkin soup, beef bourguignon, toffee pudding are an amalgamation that offers a heady start to the meal, continue to amaze and end with some delicate sweet savoury moments.

Anchan Vegetarian Restaurant, Chiang Mai, Thailand

In case, you are clueless in a non-vegetarian paradise such as Thailand as to what to savour, your search will definitely end with a visit to the Anchan Vegetarian Restaurant, Chinag Mai, Thailand. For vegetarians who do not generally have too many options to explore, this is an astonishing must-visit restaurant to be included in your Thailandtour packages.Anchan Vegetarian Restaurant is acclaimed to be the specialists in flavouredand spicy curries.

The curry paste used for in-house dishes are prepared using self-sourcedingredients to ensure that all dishes served are hundred percent vegetarian. The menu is a pleasurable cocktail of Thai inspired vegetarian foods and promote organic life style and eating habits. The restaurant also has vegan options to delight the still stricter eating habits of vegan people who shun animal products of all kinds. This restaurant is thus a unique and rare find of Thailand. For desserts, the restaurant serves delectable homemade cakes and chocolates.

Red Sky Bar of Sirocco, Bangkok, Thailand

Red Sky is a famousvertigo-inducing, alfresco rooftop restaurant and bar in Bangkok offering a glitzy experience. Get a rooftop view of a spectacularBangkok sunset from the restaurant’s 360-degree stunning vistas. The restaurant is a fantastic reality suspended 820 feet in the air.Combined with a sublime decor and impressive panoramic view is the ostentatious food served here. The classy menu includesan array of the best European dishes rounded up with delicious dessert and smooth silky cocktailsand wine. The popular restaurants in Thailand, will bewitch you with its finger licking cuisine.

If you wish to experience theseafood, popular Thai curries, and explore the local eateries in the city in the most comfortable manner, then book Thailand Tour Packages now.

The price of the gourmet cuisine range is high but the excellent taste of food, lavish ambience and mellifluous jazz quartet that provides the background score make the experience worth every penny. The brilliance and sensation of the Red Sky Bar, Bangkok, Thailand, was featured in the famous movie ‘Hangover’.

Nuch’s Green Ta’lay Restaurant, Koh Samui, Thailand

Nuch’s Green Ta’lay is located inKoh Samui in southern Thailand. It is located at a serene corner away from the hustle and bustle but is worth a visitduring your tour to the celestial island of Koh Samui. The restaurant dishes local Thai food that are cooked under the expert aegis of Chef Nuchwho is a repository of knowledge associated with traditional culinary methods. Nuch’s Green offer their signature dish of authentic Thai green curry.

The dishes are cooked from the freshly produced ingredients of the area. You can taste the dishes churned out of the freshest fish cooked from their special catch of the day. The meals are offeredamid unpretentious settings with attractivelypresented homecooked Thai food. Clean ambience, fantastic food, and friendly smiling staff — overall the experience is top of the world.

Siam Supper Club, Phuket, Thailand

Delicious food, unique décor, a pleasant hub of coveted socialization, Siam Supper Club has something for every soul who step in its premises. It pleasantly greets its guests with a unique decor and an intimate, cosyambience. Its sophistication has lend it a class and elevated its status to the fine dining category.

The western dishes comprising the palatable pastas and pizzas rounded up withmouth-watering desserts go hand-in-hand with authentic and a few chosen Thai delicacies. Get bowled over with the immense range of wine selection. Siam Supper Club’s veritable menu range and classy aura draws a huge crowdon weekends.

Cafe des Amis, Pattaya, Thailand

Experience the elevated surreal charm at Cafe des Amis from the moment you step in. The charisma of ambience is intensified by a host of fountains and soothing music in the outdoor dining area. This fine dining restaurant is housed in a Thai-Balinese-style building. The building has artwork featured all across the walls and bears a sophistication in itsstyle of décor.

The cocktail lounge in the indoor dining area is definitely alluring. An appetizing selection of Thai, Italian, French and seafood meal variety to go with a remarkable drinks menu choice make eating a pleasure. Cafe des Amis is a hidden jewelof Pattaya.

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